Camping at Maligne Lake

It was a cold morning at the Maligne Lake on Sept 15,2015 when I started paddling to fisherman’s bay  I stayed on this Campground for 2 nights, its overcast the whole trip  but I still manage to take some good black and white photograph, I only brought few sheet of color film (Velvia) but I never use […]

Two Hills County

Today…as usual Rob took his Truck with Court And I for a day trip to Two Hills County to photograph Some Old Buildings and abandoned stuff in the area.Here is a series of picture I shot with my Iphone…I took 4 sheet of 4×5 Tri-X and A roll of 120 for my Panoramic which is 4 shot a roll. […]

Justice For Vicky

It was an honor to be a part of Justice For Vicky Fund Raising Campaign.I don’t do this often as many knows I shoot nature and landscape  and a Don’t have a Camera for this job,I Did this for a cause…I’m Glad Elena one of the Migrant Alberta Member Let me borrow her DSLR. she gave me a […]

Building a Darkroom:the Reason Why I’m Recently Posting More Black and White Image on My Facebook

I ‘m still not giving up shooting with colors.I have stock of slide film on my freezer that will last for couple years…The reason why I’m recently posting more black and white image is that I’m currently learning more Traditional Silver Gelatin Print, although I started shooting film in late 2011.I never think that I will […]

jasper lake sand dunes

“Buried Rocks” Our group “Monochrome Guild” in Edmonton conduct a group outing every year one in spring and one in fall,This image captured on our trip in late fall in 2014 in Jasper National Park,it was a beautiful day but it little breezy, its windy enough to destroy image if not using a sturdy tripod,so […]

Maligne Lake

“Peaceful Evening” Late fall in 2013,after spending most of the afternoon at the Maligne Canyon,I decided to drive up to the lake just when all tourist are gone,all its left are photographers taking advantage with the beautiful color of the sky,I set up my camera late,even some photographers start packing up their gear and start […]

Mountain Wedding at Banff National Park

Fuji GX 617-90mm-Lens-F45-1 Sec This image taken just Below Norquay Ski Park at Banff national Park,while I was waiting for a better light to take a photograph,Majel and I witnessed a wedding ceremony, few minutes later there is another group came take a wedding photo, so It took a while for me to get  this shot,I waited […]