Flatbed Scanning

Heidelberg Nexscan F4100

High end flatbed scanner that employs cutting-edge scanning technology from its hardware and software to its stylish new design to move you into a whole new dimension.Whether you are a printing shop, repro company, service bureau, publishing house, media and publicity agency, design and photographic studio, photo agency, or newspaper publisher, this new generation of scanners from Heidelberg will satisfy even your most discriminating needs in the field of high-performance color scans and digitization.
Color spaces supported       CIELab, CMYK
Data formats supported       TIFF Lab, TIFF RGB, TIFF G, TIFF B, TIFF CMYK, TIFF YCC, PS, EPS, DCS, PICT
Max. scanning format         315 x 457 mm
Originals                             Transparency and reflective, color and black/white, contone and linework,positive and negative, 3D originals
Max. height of originals      Unlimited for reflective originals, max. 20 mm for transparency originals
Dynamic range                    3.7 D measured on the film output of a gray scale
Max. resolvable density      4.0 D measured on the film output of a gray scale
Signal resolution                 16 bits per pixel and color (linear)

Drum Scanning

Howtek Scanmaster F4500

These Scanner provide 4000 dots per inch resolution for up to the first 5.2 inches wide of the drum and 2000 DPI provided over the entire drum,Drum scanners allow the highest resolution scans of medium and large format film up to 4000dpi. However,for 4×5 film, 2000dpi is more than enough resolution  for a large format print .