jasper lake sand dunes

“Buried Rocks” Our group “Monochrome Guild” in Edmonton conduct a group outing every year one in spring and one in fall,This image captured on our trip in late fall in 2014 in Jasper National Park,it was a beautiful day but it little breezy, its windy enough to destroy image if not using a sturdy tripod,so […]

Mountain Wedding at Banff National Park

Fuji GX 617-90mm-Lens-F45-1 Sec This image taken just Below Norquay Ski Park at Banff national Park,while I was waiting for a better light to take a photograph,Majel and I witnessed a wedding ceremony, few minutes later there is another group came take a wedding photo, so It took a while for me to get  this shot,I waited […]

Lake Agnes

 TOYO 45AX-90mm Lens-F45-12 Sec. Tri X 320 Film Lake Agnes Small Mountain lake located at Banff National park approximately 3.5 Km from Louis.This was not a planned location to photograph,I and my wife wanted to hike to the lake during my photography trip to Lake Louis,after walking about half km, I decided to come back […]