Mt Edith CavelEnjoy The Scenery.  That’s the first step in my three-pronged approach to photography.  Nature is astounding, from the large, sweeping mountain scenes to the minute scales on the wings of a butterfly.  I’ve always been a lover of the outdoors, and I wanted to be out exploring nature even as a child in the Philippines.  Now that I live in Alberta, Canada, where the landscape is vastly different, I’m doing just that.  Backpacking into the Rockies, or canoeing in Banff National Park to go fishing – these are not simply an escape.  Being in the middle of that beauty is invigorating, and I’ve come to believe it’s essential to my outlook on all other facets of my life.  Enjoying the scenery is what makes everything else worthwhile.

Filipino PhotographerCapture The Memories.  Having been out in the open as often as I am, I’ve developed a sort of relationship with nature, and I’m beginning to see it differently.  For several years I used digital camera to capture the beauty I was experiencing in an effort to retain that connection wherever I went. In 2012, however I’ve became a lover of medium and large format film photography. Being able to capture that in a  larger mediums gives me the opportunity to understand the different dynamics of the spectacle, including the manipulation of its effects.  I don’t mind spending an hour, a day, or a week to get the perfect shot before heading home to develop the film in my traditional darkroom.  Each photo that materializes is a memory captured, of both the visual and the experience.

Berg Lake Trail
Photo Credit: Ryan Ranido Photography

Share It With the World.  That’s why you’re here.  Although I’m not able to pursue photography full-time yet, I can’t keep this beauty, these memories, to myself.  The places I go are often rugged and remote, so most of the world will never know what it is to experience that uncomplicated and unhindered majesty.  I hope, as you peruse my photos, that you gain a small idea of that connection, honest and raw, that I feel every time I haul my gear out there.   I hope that it inspires you enjoy the scenery and capture your own memories.  If you do, I hope you too will share it with the world.