Justice For Vicky

It was an honor to be a part of Justice For Vicky Fund Raising Campaign.I don’t do this often as many knows I shoot nature and landscape  and a Don’t have a Camera for this job,I Did this for a cause…I’m Glad Elena one of the Migrant Alberta Member Let me borrow her DSLR. she gave me a quick lesson, ha ha.I haven’t use these Camera since I sold all my digital Gear 3 years ago.I feel I’m ignorant.I just let the camera do the job for me,so aperture priority helps.

Anyhow,Lets go back to the VICKY

Vicky Maria Victoria Venancio(middle) came to Canada under the Temporary Foreign Worker program in 2011.

Vicky 1

Photo Source : JusticeforVicky.Org

Vicky dreamed of earning enough money to support herself and her elderly parents back in the Philippines, and to one day become a Canadian citizen.

That dream shattered on a June day in 2012 when Vicky was struck by a car while biking to work.

Quadriplegic and wheelchair bound, Vicky could no longer work. As a result, Vicky’s work visa soon expired, along with her provincial health care benefits. Making matters worse, Vicky’s employer McDonalds Canada failed to honor her employment contract of providing disability insurance when she was hired, leaving her with no ability to cover the considerable medical and rehabilitation costs associated with her condition.

But Vicky persevered. Left without any healthcare coverage, Vicky volunteered for experimental treatments at the University of Alberta’s ReWalk program. She has made significant progress and is helping the research group to learn new directions in making post injury re-walking possible. Vicky is determined to recover, return to work and realize her Canadian dream.

Vicky now faces her biggest challenge yet.

On Feb 16, in a public hearing, the Canadian government has decided that Vicky can no longer stay in Canada. According to the Canadian government, Vicky is of no use to Canada because she’s unable to work and must leave the country.

Read More at justiceforvicky.org

Here is the Series of Photo’s fromm the event..


Vicky gave her speech.


She couldn’t think a word how to thanks everyone, for all the supports they gave,to all the peoples who were there until now,and fighting to Canadian Government not to send her Back home…


People donate stuff to sell for donations,nice arts and stuff on the table.and below are series of images from volunteers and people who wants to take a picture with Yicky







here is the News from Edmonton Suns About the events…

 Please Contact  Justice For Vicky or  migrantealberta@gmail.com  on information how you can help to support Vicky’s fight for stay in Canada.

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